Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is wrong with my Machine???

I have no idea what whent wrong, but my machine has given up on me! It's not like I've been overusing it really... I did a little piecing today but that shouldn't have caused a problem.. I put together these four blocks for myself and also pieced for more just like them for Crazy'boutquilts earlier today while the twins napped...

and tonight I only had 2 other "minor" projects to sew tonight after the kids were in bed for the night -

1) Nora's bra

Yesterday Nora picked our her very first bra (yes, *sigh* she's only 4 years old and already BEGGING to wear one) and you can read all about the excitement here with photos :)

Anyway, even with buying the smallest size available, the straps are way too long and tonight after I begged her not to wear it to sleep in... (she really does want to be just like me, since my surgery I've been sleeping in one at night)
I had to promise that I'd wash it and have it dry and ready to wear again to school tomorrow (she got chocolate ice cream on it after supper tonight) so she agreed to take it off...

and after I washed it I took it to the machine to just simply tack it.. and got one strap sewn and when I hit the back up button to scure the stitch the machine locked up. nothing. would not go.

it wasn't hung up or tangeled thread - just the pedal woudln't make it go.

I turned off and on and off and on - and retreatded.. took bobbin out... nothing. ??? what up!? I even unplugged the foot pedal, and replugged in... nothing.

So I'm praying that turning it off for the night and giving it a rest that hopefully tomorrow it will be working... if not I'm gonna have to call the Bernina shop and take it over to the Big town and let them look at it.

and the other project I had planed to complete tonight was:

2) Sewing together the backing for the Bento Box quilt that I'm mailing off for Joann's Quilter's Stimulious Plan Project. She emailed me tonight and said if I'd like to use varigated thread, to go ahead and mail it to her. Whoo hoo! :)

Last week I pulled it out and hung it up on the fence to take these photos and measure it. It measures 74 x 59.5” so it’s a good lap size quilt ;) The quilt is made from blocks I received when I hosted a month for the Sunshine Quilters off the HGTV board. They each made me 8 "quarter blocks" ( I purposly asked them not to sew the quarters together b/c I planned to mix them up) and they did and mailed to me and I pieced together 3 quilt tops. This is the second of the three and until now I haven't had access to a longarm quilter.

Thanks to Joann's project, it will be quilted for $12 plus cost of thread, batting and shipping. A great deal don't cha think? ;) Yeah, if I can get the backing pieced and ready to mail!

and this other photo was also taken last week the day I took the other photos... that is the binding around my neck like a scarf. I was trying to look cute like my cutie chick Olivia :)

Sure hope tomorrow my Bernina will sew!! If not I may be calling up my friend Heidi and asking if I can come over to use her machine...

Love from Texas!


  1. Girl babies always try to grow up too fast. Boys are generally oblivious to all but what they are doing at the moment.
    So sorry about the illness of your machine. My 35 yr-old-machine (it's probably older than you!) began to threaten total collapse. I got it serviced and it is running again, but it is only a matter of time - and parts are no longer available.... my reasoning for buying a new Pfaff.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is back in service today.

  2. I feel your pain.....my Janome (not even 7 months old) is broken and out for repair. Thank goodness it's still under warranty. BUT...when a new machine breaks down, it makes me worry if the machine is a "lemon". *sigh* Let's hope we are both back in business soon. (I have an old Singer as a standby, but I have no quarter-inch foot for it and it has few features....so I'm not happy having to use it...but...better than nothing, I guess.) I had to laugh about Nora's bra....as I just pictured her SHOWING it at school!!!

  3. Bonnie< I had that trouble once...it turned out that the bobbin winder was pushed over JUST a titch (like my techincal word???). It would not even make a 'bobbin winding whirr. Hope yours is fixed soon!

  4. I'm sorry your machine is sick. Hopefully you'll have it back soon.

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    This is Bonnie from Texas also. If your machine is computerized, you might want to turn the wheel really slow and not very much, then back off and on again. What Beth said happen to mine, bobbin winder was just a little bit pushed over.
    First time here and I'll be back,
    Keep Stitchen,


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