Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A different kind of Stimulious Plan..

Maybe if you are a faithful reader of the quiltvillechat yahoo group, you alredy know all about it... but maybe you are like me and find over 200 new messages from that group and just start hitting the delete key over and over and...

But here is one that I read and I'm so glad I did! I wnat to share with you about it... It's called
Joanne's Stimulus Package I'm so glad I opened and read about it when Candy in NC posted it to the quiltvillechat group ;)

For anyone who would love to get a quilt longarm quilted go to this link and read all about Joanne's Stimulus Package

and REMEMBER when you leave a comment tell her that you read about it here from

MY BLOG - Bonnie, at NapTimeNews! Thanks! ;)

Now I've gotta find that backing fabric for one of my quilts.... where oh where did I put it??

Love from Texas!

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