Monday, March 9, 2009

Did he see me? Did he see me not?

I've been here in the kitchen most of the morning in my PJs (still) :P it's spring break here! LOL

Anyway, the UPS man brought a box and I didn't even hear or notice him as he left the box just outside the kitchen/gurage door...

Maybe he DID see me and didn't knock on the door b/c he didn't want to embarrase me. LOL

Thankfully I saw it sitting by the door on my way out to take a #2 diaper out to the garbage can outside.

Lookie what was inside FQs from royalboomer. Thanks for the 2 extras, you know I love 30s!!! Can't wait to see what comes in the mailbox later this afternoon.....

Love from Texas!

1 comment:

  1. LOL!! I have a feeling he'll be seeing a lot of you this month with all those packages arriving. Mine should be there any day now. I hope you can get them out of my very tight packing. I almost couldn't get them all in.


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