Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That quilt is darling!

Do you remember how last week I posted about pickle Dish looking for quilts to photograph and include in their soon to be released book?

Well I submitted a photo of my Grandmother's Sunbonnet Sue since it was one of the listed patterns they were looking for. Well yesterday I got an email reply from them:

Hi Bonnie.

Thank you for the submission of the Sunbonnet Sue block. That quilt is darling! We had several submissions for Sunbonnet Sue. This pattern has changed so much over time, we just didn't find the match we were looking for. Plus they were all so good, it would have been hard to pick just one! So we decided to not feature a
quilt from Sunbonnet Sue in the book.

Thank you for submission. If it ever comes up needing a Sunbonnet Sue quilt again, we'll come to you!

Happy quilting!

Marketing and Sales Manager
Kansas City Star
888-719-5003 503-777-2317 (fax)
www.PickleDish.com www.PickleDishStore.com

So I din't get approved for submitting my Momma Newt's quilt for the book... that's OK. :) It was fun just to try - something I've never done before.

What about you? Did you have any quilts to send a phtoto of to see if Pickle Dish would want to use them in their book? If so what pattern?

Love from Texas!

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  1. Love the sunbonnet sue quilt....I am sure you have alot of emotions tied up in that quilt.


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