Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When was your last annual checkup?....

That is what the lady at the Bernina store asked me today when I called her and explained my problem...

all I could think of is - a really LONG time, but I didn't dare tell her that - I just quickly replied, "Oh, yeah... it's due for it's annual cleaning." :P

"DUE" is an understatement - I can only remember taking it in ONCE in the 5 years I've had it for it's annual cleaning/maintenance... and that was the first year b/c when David purchased it they told him the 1st year's was free...

Since then I hadn't had any problems so why fix what isn't broke?

So I took in my sewing machine today after I picked up Nora from preschool. They will have it a few days before I can get it back - apparently there are 4 other machines ahead of me.

I hope it isn't gone too long... even thought I have a few non sewing projects to keep my busy, I think I may go thru some separation anxiety without it..

Nora thought we should have brought home that quilt frame with us... I would have loved to bring home this sewing cabinet... along with that beautiful Texas themed quilt hanging up behind it! A girl can dream right?

Love from Texas!


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