Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Better late than never right? right. so I'll post date this blog entry so I can play along with JudyL's Design Wall Monday.

Actually the blocks on the design floor - were made last week - they are the result of the 1st yard of striped fabric. Over the weekend I began cutting and making more HST's from the 2nd of the 2 yards required for this project.

It was so sunny and nice here Saturday...high was 78*. I really should have been outside with David and Nora while the twins were napping ;) But instead I enjoyed some time alone.

Do you reuse your Priority Mailer bags?? I find they are quite handy for taping to the edge of the table to wipe off your cuttings into instead of the floor! ;)

Pairing up squares and marking centers for HST sewing... all marked and ready to go - see the ruler under them? Perfect for carrying to the machine... ;)

My needle was smokin! ;)

All cut and ready for pressing.

NOTE TO SELF that I'll share - I've found it BEST to make sure they are all going the same way and press them all the same! Trust me! All of your seams will but up against each other best, if you have pressed them all the same...

Ready for trimming and squaring up... a dozen at a time....

why does it seem that this part takes forever. This quilt is so easy peasy - really this is the hardest part - and it's not even hard... just time consuming... but not really - just seems like it to me. :P

And over at Crazy'boutquilt's blog I saw her Cotton Picker on her post this weekend... and it got me to thinking.... I have one of these that I bought at Walmart a while back.... made by Woolite.

Works perfectly!!! It's a lint brush like - rather the size of an oven mitt! and each side really grips the surface in one direction and the opposite side grips the other way... perfect! ;) Thanks Crazy for giving me the idea! ;)

So after I finish getting these trimmed up I'll be ready to sew them together and double my size of blocks on the design wall.... I can't wait! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. I love this striped fabric quilt you have going on....really cool!

  2. Your blocks are fantastic! And I'm glad I could help clean up fuzzies. ;-) LOL

  3. OH, I love your quilt! Very pretty. And thank you for the pressing tip, I appreciate it.

  4. That is one striking quilt....great job and thanks for sharing how you did it.

  5. After seeing your project I will start collecting stripes! I love this!


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