Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Quilting Calendar

For as long as I've can remember I have loved keeping a calendar. Even in Jr. High I kept one where I'd make important notes of rememberable happenings and visits from Aunt Flow and other exciting things of a young girl.... you know "so&so" sat by me at lunch, clogging tonight, I love you know who... :P

When I was working in Apartment management, I went to a training and was given the expensive Franklin Covey planner. I loved it - but then discovered that www.daytimer.com was exactly the same at a fraction of the price! No matter what type of jobs I've had, Furniture Sales, Apartments, Monsanto, Mommy - YES even as a stay at home Mom! I've loved keeping a calendar! :)

I think it's the nerd in me that loves to see a list of checked off things that I've accomplished...

And last year I picked up a cheap-o book at Walmart and designated it strictly for quilting! It has a wire bound spine and is the size of a magazine - I love it!

A place to plan what I'm working on or want to accomplish... here is the one I started for this year.

I tape things in the book so they are easy to find again later - doodles of designs or fabric swatches... guess what's coming up for February????

Mmm-hmm - Starting 2/6, email invites to past years FQ Bingo players.... eek! It's almost time! :D I can't wait!

And another thing, I love the to do list on the right side. Area for my goals! ;) I don't turn out lots of quilts like all of my famous blogging friends but this planner helps me to do most that I can. (maybe you noticed in an above photo my recent completed projects - only 5 quilts for 2009. That is really good for little ole me! ;)

Here is a look at this coming week.... not much besides Camp Sloanie on Friday ... but I'm sure that will all change soon. :) Those that know me, know that I don't like a lot of white space! LOL :P

OH did you see her post on the block that she is planning to work on at camp??? You can use it or any other of your choice - the point is just to make a lot of blocks over the weekend. I've still not decided what I'm doing.

I also have a different type of calendar in the kitchen for all of our family things - I prefer the Fly Lady Wall Calendar - simply b/c it has lots of room to write things!

So do you have a separate planner for your quilting - no? what are you waiting for!? You will be amazed at how much it helps you to stay on task and get things done.

Love from Texas!


  1. I see I need to get myself a notebook calendar. ;-) I need organizational help! But what really caught my eye was 'Bind Stinky Quilt'?? Maybe I read that wrong! LOL :-)

  2. I love quilt nerds :-)
    Takes one to know one!

  3. Oohh, I love this idea. I've always put my quilty goals in my regular calendar, but they always seem to get lost in there. Maybe the next time I'm at WM I should pick up another calendar that I'll use soley for my quilting. Great idea!

  4. I have a calendar from Wal Mart that is just like yours! I love it!!! Of course, I'm not quite as busy as you so I've got alot more white spaces. You sure a busy gal!! By the way, I absolutely love your blog - it's the greatest!

  5. That is a very good idea.
    I think I have to get better organized.


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