Sunday, January 10, 2010

RE: Holly Jolly Blog Bingo after Day

So how did you do? I played along in the Holly Jolly Bingo for a few days, and then we were traveling and in KY and honestly I forgot about it after only a few days that we were there. It wasn't until after I got home after the new year did I think to check it again... and it was over - but take a look at my list - I was ACTUALLY CLOSE!

1 Advent

2 Angel

3 Candy cane

4 Charity

5 Christmas

6 Family

7 Glad Tidings

8 Greetings

9 Hope

10 Jingle Bells

11 Joy

12 Little Drummer Boy

13 Love

14 Nativity

15 Oh, Holy Night

16 Ornaments

17 Peace

18 Silent Night

19 Snowflake

20 Sprit

21 St. Nick

22 Star

23 Traditions

24 Tree Skirt

25 Wonder

Only 3 words away from winning! Not bad eah? And several of my HGTV friends were winners fo the dialy giveaways! Congratulations to everyone! and thanks In Stitches for a fun game... even if I forgot to check it every day :P

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  1. We're glad you had a good time playing. We missed you while you were gone.

    We'll be playing again this Spring!



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