Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Quiltathon Progress

If you are stopping by thanks to JudyL's Mr. Linky - after reading my post, you may also want to refresh my page and read my previous post to see that I actually got started on JudyL's Quiltathon a little early starting on Thursday :) I put together a quilt top for "Quilts for Kids" and it turned out really cute! Take a look and see.

So today is Saturday - what have I been up to? Well I gathered up all of the baggies of blocks that Crazy'boutquilts and I have been exchanging with one another. In recent emails, neither of us could remember exactly how many we had made for each other or exchanged, therefore no idea on how many more we need to make... :P

The kids recently found this Easter basket in the hall closet and before I knew it they had broken off the handle :( but I'm putting it to use temporarily to hold my blocks. It's the perfect size for them don't ya think? ;) The block is called "MyBlue Heaven" and we found it on QuiltersCache. We modified our blocks to finish at 8" instead of 12" like QC has written the pattern for.

Well I counted and recounted and I have a total of 89 blocks here with me. I emailed crazy - she's the one with the EQ program and she replied back saying that we each need 120 blocks to complete our design that we have planned.

So 120-89= 31 more needed ... which means I'll make another 15 to swap with her and another 16 for me :0) in the next few months. But since my Crayola quilt is at the longarmer, and my "Quilt for Kids" is on hold until I buy thread... and I already have these blocks out - how about if I start joining them into HUGE 4-patches? :)

I'll need a total of 30 of these HUGE 4-patches for the top before borders. Here's the first 7!

Oh and one more thing I got accomplished today - I cleaned out under my stitch plate. I admit it wasn't because I was trying to be organized or tidy - but simply b/c while sewing over the thick seams I BROKE A NEEDLE :( and so while changing it out thought I should take a few moments to loosen a few screws and clean it out.

Eeeuuu! YUCK! I was majorly past due don't you think? Oh and look at my little brown case - I think meant for business cards? I received it from AuntieReba last April at the Circle of Friends HGTV Retreat and I keep my assortment of machine needles in there ;) and I think of her every time I see it :)

Shown above are over a dozen more HUGE 4-patches ready to be put together... but not before pinning them! Pinning makes those points match up and I always double pin at each seam intersection! :) It may be a lot of work but it's worth it.

Did I say a lot of work? I mean a LOT of pins! 10 per block.

That's over 100+ pins y'all! :P Aren't they purdy?

I can't wait until after Mass tomorrow... we'll drive thru and bring it home for lunch and then afterward - the twins will go upstairs for naptime and I'll be skipping off to the dining room to sew these babies up! :)

Happy Quiltathon weekend everyone!

Love from Texas!


  1. I used to double pin until I discovered the "forked" u-pins that Clover makes. They are a single piece of wire that is bent into a long u-shape with both ends sharpened. They are thinner than most pins but still quite strong. So much quicker and more accurate than using two pins. Really holds the nested seams in place and also keep the seams from "flipping" as they hit the feed dogs. They are fine enough that my sewing machine has no problem sewing over them. I just slow down so that if the needle does begin to hit the pin, I can stop in time to prevent any damage.

  2. You have been one busy momma this year! Your 'MyBlueHeaven' blocks are looking awesome, can't wait to see it in all its glory. Your Q4K quilt is super cute. I still need to go request a kit or two. Your Crayola quilt turned out super cute, looking forward to seeing that all quilted up also. I finished mine Friday night, yay.

  3. WOW Bonnie! I give you credit! RARELY do I pin, unless I'm piecing borders--that must have taken near forever. Way to go!

    HEY! I cleaned/oiled up my machine too. Guess all that sewing over the past couple of days made both our machines say---"hey, lady! Take a break and give me a bath!"

    Lovely progress. I also made her My Blue Heaven pattern; not as large as your thought.
    Here's to a great Sunday of sewing as well!

  4. I just love those MBH blocks. The variety of colors is just fabulous. I guess that is one of the great things about doing a swap. Bummer about not having enough blocks though, I hope you end up getting the right number in the end. Adorably cut duckie quilt too -- so fun to have a pattern that goes together super fast. Happy quilt marathon -- I hope mass is short today.

  5. Oohhh what a great blog post...makes my heart happy! LOVE that scrappy quilt you got going with the 7 blocks...wow! And all those blocks pinned and ready to sew makes me want to run over to my sewing machine!

  6. I pin my blocks when I'm piecing, too, but I do them one at a time. I jsut got fork pins to try them out. The gals at my LQS rave about them.

    Love your blocks!!

  7. Whoohoo! Looks like lots of fun Bonnie! I love your needle case! Very cute. I need to get back to my machine! :-o

  8. Really pretty quilts you got going this year!! I bet you are proud as a peacock to be so far ahead this early in the year! AND you should be.

  9. I bet your machine is much quieter now. I de-fuzz my machine every two bobbins. I am just fanatic that way. I use Presencia thread. No lint! But I still clean my machine with a small paintbrush and q-tips.
    I am a pinner too.
    I want to make MBH blocks too. That is on my "to do" list.


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