Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Show-N-Tell from last weekend's Quiltathon

Ta-Da!!! Here are all of my blocks sewn together into (20) large 4-patches so far... I think I will wait before sewing them into rows until after our swap is complete, so that the bottom row won't have similar fabrics next to each other. ;)

I'm really happy that I got them together and it will make for a fast complete later on this year when I pull them back out to join them up after the swap is over. Now I just need to keep an eye out for a pretty blue fabric to use in the border... should have taken a look while at Joann's yesterday - as everything on the wall was 40% off... *sigh* Oh well, when the time comes I'll just use a coupon on a single cut anyway ;)

In other news...

Every night at bedtime, I've been trying to capture a photo of the twins kissing each other. You know, to frame and cherish forever more... and although they DO give kisses to each other - however, not in front of my camera! :/ They are so fast and turn their heads where I can't see both of them... well tonight there was no kissing going on at all. none.

This was about as close as they would get...

and I'm sure they planned that! Just look at those two!

Never fear Olivia & Paul-Ta... mommy will have her camera in her pocket every night and keep on trying. I'll probably get my Kodak moment when one of you has on the others pink and yellow PJs!!! and when you are 18 and sicking of seeing that photo in the frame, I'll just laugh and say - well it's your own fault... I tried to get one when you were wearing blue too!

Love from Texas!


  1. Love the blocks!! :-) I need to get caught up so I can play with mine too! The twins are so cute!! :-)

  2. I love this quilt!
    I did go print out the pattern and I also did my own conversion to your size block. More scraps!
    Love your adorable twins and of course your budding artist!

  3. I really like the quilt, BUT love the twins the most!! :)

  4. Hey Bonnie...love that quilt@! Your kids are so cute...but, I wanted to tell you that you really look like a good mommy, God really blessed those kids for having you for a mommy.

  5. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

    kathie L.

  6. The photo shows you have been busy, and they look great. My how the kiddos are growing, they're too cute! :)

  7. Love your blocks! That's going to be so pretty. And the twins are precious.


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