Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's beginning to look like a quilt!

Remember this pattern I bought a couple months back to use for the HGTV Crayola Quilt Challenge?? Well before Christmas I was in a scurry (is that a word?) trying to get things done before leaving on the 18th for KY to be gone 2 weeks... and also gift buying and things at Nora's school - not to mention MAKE a quilt TOP for my friend Ruby to give to her mother for Christmas...

...so as you can imagine getting started on my Crayon Quilt was NOT on the list of things to do... not until after I got back from KY in 2010. Well on the way home, I got to thinking... while "Snowflake Rose" is indeed a striking pattern that I'd love to make... I need to KISS! = Keep It Simple Sister! After all, the deadline for these quilts we are all making is FEBRUARY 1st!!!! Eek!

So that is exactly what I have planned to do - keep it simple as in re-choosing a pattern that is easy and fast to put together - and doesn't require much brain power, figuring out a pattern of how many of what and what size of that...and what direction to turn what...

The aqua & white quilt above is a photo I saved a while back into my "2 color quilts" folder that I keep for inspiration. I'm so glad I saved what information that I did in the save as name... it's from the book, "Time Out Quilts" by Atkinson Designs.

Night before last I started cutting and yesterday I got started making some of the blocks.....

You'll notice that I choose a dark brown to act as the background.. remember when I posted and showed my fabrics a while back? the brown was chosen after I found a beautiful print to use as the backing.

and although my first thought was to make it 7x9 rows... I'm at a point that I've used up all of my 4-patches and HSTs and have decided to jsut stop here and begin adding borders...

and look at Nora sitting at the table... she could not be bothered to give a wave at my camera b/c she's "BUSY" playing her new Leapster2 that Santa brought to her ;)

With the 6x8 rows and adding a 2" brown and then about a 6" sea green, it should finish at about 64" x 80" and that should be big enough.. ;)

.....stay tuned - boarders are next! I just hope I have enough of that KONA sea green left? ... :/

Love from Texas!


  1. It is looking great Bonnie. I think that pattern is just perfect!
    I wanted to get my top all finished up today, but just fell short of enough fabric. I'll have to run to the fabric store after dinner so I can finish it up in the morning.

  2. Wow~ is that smoke I see coming off of your sewing machine? :-)) Way to sew!! :-)) Very nice!

  3. The fabrics for your quilt are lovely and the KISS theory is a good one. I look forward to seeing it finished (as do you!)
    I love the color combo. Chanlady

  4. Wow, Bonnie...my swatches just arrived and I LOVE that backing SO much!!
    I'll be ready when you are...:-)

    SNOWFLAKES & ICICLES from Maine,

  5. What a lovely room to sew in. The windows, beautiful oak table, dear daughter at your side. You are so very lucky!


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