Saturday, January 30, 2010

Houston we had a small problem!

So today when the twins went down for nap time it was time to start sewing the binding down - thanks to JudyL's tutorial video. Have you seen it? or better yet have you tried it?

If not - click here = Binding - Finishing by Machine by JudyL

Well everything was going fine & dandy... until I turned a corner and came up on this!

about a 3" spot where I had "missed" when sewing the binding down onto the quilt! AaK!

Never fear... ole Jack the Ripper to the rescue. :/

A funny thing - when I first discovered this I cried out like a baby from frusteration and Nora quickly came to check on me and see what was wrong... so I explained it to her and said I'd have to use this seam ripper... and she said, "Mommy, maybe that is why they invinted this stick so you won't have to cry anymore over your hole in your quilt" Awllll! :) LOL

Unfortunately after I got it ripped out it was time to wrap it up for the day b/c the twins were waking up from naptime.. and we all drove to the town next door to do some shopping with David. So I didn't get back to it until tonight after the kids were in bed.

I love it when the corners match up just right!

I F'ed it Up just before midnight.... Finished it up! LOL :P

If you have not tried JudyL's machine finishing - you really must! The end results look fantastic!

Now the only thing left to do is make a label. I've never made one with using my printer so I need to do some research on it. Happy Weekend y'all!

Love from Texas!


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