Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new project is like a new puzzle

This morning the twins had a fun time playing puzzles at the kitchen table. And then after lunch when they went upstairs for nap time, I opened up a "Quilts for Kids" kit that I received about two months ago in the mail and got started on a new puzzle of my own ;)

Do you remember when I posted about Downy's Touch of Comfort a while back? The organizer of Quilts for Kids even commented on my blog that after I posted they got about a dozen requests for kits! ;) And I'm sure since then there have been dozens more b/c I've seen/read all about them on the HGTV boards and also on the Heartstrings yahoo lists. ;)

Here is the whole kit, all pre-cut out and ready to go - they provide backing and even a label! Aren't these little rubber duckies cute?

Getting started was Easy - just match up the strips, pin & sew them together. 3 strips of blue paired up with 3 strips of yellow...

then sub-cut and join back together to make 4 patches that will finish up at 6"

This quilt pattern only calls for 15 of the 4-patches! that's it folks!

Anyone can make 15 of these blocks in NO time at all!

Then it was time to get down on the floor for the layout.

Although if I had cleaned off my dining room table it would have all fit on there probably.

I did do some cleaning up in there yesterday and carried a lot of "stuff" out of there... but just never got around to clearing off the table...

The photo above is where I got to before it was time to wake up Olivia & Paul Thomas and go pick up Nora from school. All blocks sewn together and then into rows except for the last two...

Nora took this one of me holding up the top after she got home from school - Ta-Da! ;)

...and you want to know what is so great about doing these smaller kid sized quilts? they fit on the table when you are ready to pin the borders on! No more bending over the top down on the hard floor on your knees!!!

I love how it's coming right along... and I'm lovin using my adorable little pin cushion from my special friend Kathy aka Shawkl ;)

I think since this quilt is for charity and they ask for heavy quilting, that I'm going to play around with some little gifts I received for Christmas and quilt it using my machine... so stay tuned. ;)

Oh, and before I go - I'm currious... have any of you made one of these kits already? Did you hear about it from my blog post back in October?? I'd love to see what you've created if so - so leave me a comment and feel free to past a link to your blog post about yours ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. All that in one afternoon!?! I am duly impressed.

  2. My! what a happy brood you have! And Twins! You sure are getting lots accomplished during nap time!


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