Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the first kiss off

odd title don't ya think? but really it is... Remember how I choose this pattern due to my KISS (Keep It Simple Sister) philosophy? ;) Well today I'm mailing it off to Mrs. Margaret of Mainly Quilts of Love. (Her blog here) and I even added a little something different to the backing but forgot to take a photo of it... so you'll just have to wait until February to see it! ;)

Just doesn't compare to Christmas Lights hanging over the fence does it? I agree. This is a very plain and simple quilt and pretty plain fabrics. I'm anxious to see the quilting bring it to life. After adding the thin brown border and wide green border it finished up to measure 68"x84." Right at the Twin size - perfect for an adult to use to snuggle up on the sofa. ;)

So here's the first kiss as I mail it to Maine to be quilted!

"MMmm-wah! See ya in a few weeks my Keep It Simple Sister Quilt!"

Love from Texas!


  1. I think it's simple, but very pretty! Nicely done!!

  2. Very nice. I like the backing fabric too.

  3. Wow! I like your KISS philosophy! Niccccce quilt!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - and yep, I've thought if I have late night sewing, there is always a bed or two to crash on!

  4. Very nice, calming in its simplicity. I bet the quilting will really make it come alive.


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