Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Mini Swap

It looks like I left several posts in my "draft" box on blogger... oops! So I hope you don't mind if I post and try to get caught up. Most are written and just need photos added so I'll work on them in the next few days.

My first mini swap with Crazy'boutquilts was a fall theme and we both had so much fun that we decided to also swap for a Christmas theme! I'm not too sure how much we discussed but I do remember that we both mentioned that we decorate with the traditional red/green colors... so with that in mind - here is what I made for her.

Perhaps it looks familiar b/c you saw it on Day 1 of the Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop. The designer Gudrun, shared a free tutorial for it over on her blog. Here is the link incase you missed it several weeks ago. I put it together really fast... in one day and then spent the next day binding it! ;)

The label however... well that took me about a week working on it here and there in the car... here's one snapshot of it while still in progress... sorry I don't have a photo of it finished... but I'm sure that was a day that I had misplaced my camera or it wasn't working at the time. :/

perhaps Sandie can one day take a photo of it and send to me... hint, hint ;)

Thanks Sandie for emailing me the photo of the back side with the label!!! :)

And guess what my friend, Crazy'boutquilts, who lives in Washington State, that I've never met in real life before but have known for 4 years from my online quilting group, SENT TO ME!!!!

...it was in a baggie with more MBH blocks, and wrapped up so carefully in white tissue paper...

Ta-DA!!! This about blew my socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I. can. not. believe. that. she. did. all. this. work. for. me.

WOW!! isn't it beautiful!!!!!!!??!??! A *real* miniature quilt! Those little blocks are little y'awl! Perfect to hang on the wall or even place in the center of a table. Those blocks are super small!!!

I know b/c I measured them! Each star block is only 4.5" big! wow!

I love it Sandie! Thank you so much for creating something so pretty for me! And you know how I feel about that cheddar color that you used.... :) Reminds me of that commercial from years ago when the family wakes up on Christmas morning and says WOW at all that is in the room with the tree... and the little girl says, "I didn't leave him cookies.... I left him CHEEEEESE!" ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. You are very welcome! And I'll get a label photo for you tomorrow. ;-)


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