Friday, January 29, 2010

To the mailbox and back

Here I thought I didn't have enough binding for my Crayola Quilt last weekend... so I drove over to Joann's to buy a tad bit more only to find that they were sold out! AAk!

So I waited till Wednesday for their next truck to come in... went back bought 1/4 yard plus matching green thread. Got home and cut another 2 strips 2.5" wide off of it... joined to what I already had sewn together...

and I actually didn't need it at all! I had enough to stretch out to the mailbox! I didn't actually measure and see - but after I was already half way around the quilt pinning it on today the wind blew and it all look off down the drive way... I'm betting it would have reached the mailbox before I got started pinning! LOL :P

I just know my good friend Lisa-TX is laughing at me! b/c she knows that I always make up WAY more than enough binding for my quilts! :P LOL

What can I say.... I guess going overboard on binding is just my thang!

Love from Texas!

1 comment:

  1. LOL post of the year award! That is just too funny!


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