Monday, January 18, 2010

It was a great day

This morning we went to pick up a rental while my van is in the shop for repairs (story to come later) Our insurance only allows $50/day and since David does a lot of renting from Enterprise - they let us have this van at no additional charge! whoo hoo!

After we dropped my van off at the shop, the kids had a great time playing outside on the driveway with their cars and ride-on-stuff. I was on high alert the whole time though b/c one was always trying to drive over top of the other, or ME! :P

The temperature was in the high 60's and very sunny - felt like spring!

Nora was home from school today (MLK holiday)

During the twins nap time, she got to use her new paints that she bought at Joann's Saturday!

Which meant that I had to sit with her and didn't get to be in the other room sewing... which was ok for a change. ;) She loved it! And I loved that I didn't have to watch the clock and wake up anyone to go pick her up from school today!

and she had paint left over and I suggested I face paint a flower on her - to which she was completely AMAZED that I knew how to face paint! She told me I was the "BESTEST Momma in the whole state of Texas!" LOL :P

So then afterward, the twins were still napping so she played some on the laptop. She loves PBS Kids Island

While I got to finish up these!

oh and did I mention that I had a rental...? Guess what I did the first time I got behind the wheel in the gurauge to leave... I wasn't paying attention at all - and instead of putting it in R for REVERSE to pull out of the gurauge... I put it in D!!!!

resulting in the wheel barrel that is up hanging on the wall in front of where I park to be hit then when I put it in reverse, it came FALLING DOWN ON THE HOOD OF THE RENTAL VAN!!! EEEK! Look at all of those scratches!

And lastly the end of our great day - I had to take the twins with Nora and I to her gymnastics... which I so VERY RARELY DO - but tonight David had to work late and could not be home in time before we had to leave... but that was OK - he met us there and then after class we ate Pizza at Mazzios! :) The kids loved the games although we didn't put a single coin in the slots. :P I took a video too of Olivia driving - she was toooooo funny to watch! :)

I'll try to upload later (either here or over at the family blog.)

It was a great day! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Glad y'all had a fun day! Sorry about the 'whoops' to the van. :-/
    Nora is adorable with her flowered cheek. :-)

  2. high 60's?! Oh, it's sickening (sick with total envy!).

    We had 2 straight days with snow - 16 to 18" of that crap. Yuk.


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