Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guess what arrived today?

I'll share with you a few photos of what arrived from my postlady today!

Can you guess from the photo above???? I'll give you a hint.... Look on the ground behind me...

can you guess...

does this photo of Nora help any?

What about this photo???

If you guessed my crayola quilt, you are correct and I'm soooo excited!

It's hard to believe that where it was mailed from in Maine, they have so much snow on the ground! As here it's been sunny and in the high 70's the last few days! Today was Nora's first time to try out the roller skates that Mamaw and Papaw gave her for Christmas.

She got to try them out while I tried to cut and square up the quilt - trimming away all the excess fabric and batting... Nora was trying to stay safe, skating near the grass in case she had to fall. LOL that was her idea! ;)

Remember the day I posted when I was getting it ready to mail?? ... and mentioned a little something special on the backing side...at that time I wasn't' gonna get it all back out to take a photo = so today I did and this is what I was talking about! ;)

When I bought the fabrics I thought I might get to use it for binding.. but according to the rules it would not be allowed.. so instead, I used some of it to separate the two backing pieces since I don't like it when the patterns do not match up exactly :)

If you are like me - you enjoy closeups of the quilting - and especially this quilt! I just knew Margaret would do an awesome job -especially after she wrote to me and told me she wouldn't charge me any additional for doing customized feathering on it since it is a charity quilt and being rafeled off along with 30+ other quilts to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House organization.

But WOW - OH - WOW - OH - WOW!!! Too bad everyone can't stop by my house to see it in person! Be SURE to CLICK HERE ON THIS LINK AND TAKE A LOOK at her blog too and read what she wrote about working on it.

I'm so glad that she shared sneak peaks with me after she finished quilting it so I could see what she did with it while I waited for it to arrive in the mail!

Now I'm off to go figure out just how many inches of backing I have sewn together - b/c this quilt is BIGGER than I remembered... I may not have enough sea green left! Which will mean a trip to Joanns Sunday after church... oh dear.

Love from Texas!


  1. GORGEOUS quilt! Love it!

  2. Bonnie, that is a beauty! I saw it all quilted up on her blog the other day. She did a wonderful job. I love your backing fabric!

  3. Bonnie, that is a beauty! I saw it all quilted up on her blog the other day. She did a wonderful job. I love your backing fabric!

  4. LOL love the photo's Bonnie! And love the quilt! :-) You & Margaret both did a great job! :-)

  5. FYI...I always trim the excess off after stitching on the binding. It leaves all edges secured, rather than allowing some to come loose, as always happens after clipping stitches. JMHO :-)
    glad you like it.


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