Friday, January 15, 2010

What good is the USPS Delivery Confirmation number anymore?

This morning I got a friendly email from Margaret who I sent my Crayola quilt to - she writes,

"Bonnie, Your quilt did not arrive today. Do you have a delivery conf # for the package so I can watch for it? I'll be ready (all quilts off machine) by tomorrow afternoon."

So I go out to the van and dig threw my purse to find my receipt with the number and then back into the house and take a look at the Track & Confirm Page and take a look at what pulled up.

Label/Receipt Number: 0308 3390 0000 7144 1276
Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation
Status: Acceptance

Your item was accepted at 12:46 PM on January 13, 2010 in ORANGE, TX 77630. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

Oh I’m just so put out with the USPS. For a while now they have not been giving any more information than what you see below – that it was accepted. Well duah! I know that much already b/c I was there when they did… URGHHHH. It was like that too when I mailed out my mini quilt to WA and a few other packages...

"...updated periodically thoroughout the day" what a load of crap!

So hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers...


  1. You are so right about the delivery conformation with USPS.

    I will not mail a quilt. Too risky. I send mine UPS. Still risky but they have a better tracking system.

  2. USPS, always does this and because I live in a rural town (I don't think it is that rural) when Fedex sends something sometimes it goes to the Post Office and they deliver to me and they show DELIVERED on the FedEx site. That is just crazy. You pay for the extra security, but they don't tell you nothing.

  3. I too, do not use USPS for anything valuable. Even though you pay for that delivery confirmation...it is a bunch of "hooey".
    I use FedX or UPS. Their tracking systems are great. You can watch your package's progree along the entire route.
    A waste of $$ to use USPS.

  4. hmm.. i've never had problems when i've mailed things with delivery confirmation and insurance. sometimes they aren't good at updating, BUT if you had delivery confirmation AND insurance, they are even better about keeping track of that package with fear of having to pay that insurance!! i'm sure it will arrive safely.. since it technically is only for 'delivery'.. so when its delivered to their door, it should show up, which if you sent priority should be there today at the latest

  5. Hmmm....I've always had great success with USPS. Most items get there in 2-3 days...and 4-5 days when it ships over the holidays.

    I always using tracking...and it is accurate. I know what you mean about "accepted"...as I sent a package to my secret pal last year...and it took days. However, later I found that the delivery had been attempted...but she was not at home...and could not get to the post office to get it because she had to go out of town unexpectly. When she got back (3-4 days later) she picked the package up at the post office...and the tracking changed to "delivered".

    So, I don't blame the USPS...

    I think we have a microwave mindset. You know...when you put your "entire dinner" into the microwave and hit 3 minutes...then stand there and tap your foot saying "hurry up, hurry up".

    That's me...but, I'm trying to do better. Really, I am!

  6. if it does not arrive tomorrow, which it should for Priority, you ought to go scream at someone!!

    I had a package mailed Dec 18 just arrive in Florida this Tuesday! Believe that...

  7. we moved in September '09 and we still can't confirm our physical home address w/USPS and most delivery services require this before taking/sending packages.

  8. I had to order some computer parts in Dec the shipper sent them USPS with DC. I kept checking the # each day to see when it would be arriving and each day it said the same thing that USPS was notified of package. I'm on the phone with the shipper and he's checking to see if it they mailed it, when I ran the # again and it says delivered to my door 5 mins ago... I run out to the mail box and there it is.... Which means till my mail man scanned it, it was never scanned... How are we suppose to track it that way????
    Stupid postal people and they want more money!!!

  9. This is the Blog I've ever visited.
    you sure are a busy lady. And I wouldn't worry about what family say about your quilts.....

    Granny Quilts

  10. Sorry, Bonnie but Delivery Confirmation is NOT a tracking service. If you expect tracking you need to purchase more than "delivery confirmation"
    According to # you posted the item was received at the delivery post office this morning.=) So it's gonna get quilted today!!!

  11. Bonnie, the USPS is the very worst way to ship a quilt. Not only is their tracking system horrible but dealing with anyone at the post office in the event of a loss is more than frustrating. At least UPS and Fed Ex employees act like they care. I used Fed Ex for 9 years in KY and never had a problem. I've been using UPS for 3 years here and never had a problem. On the rare occasions when I have to use the USPS, I'd say at least half the times there are some frustrations, to say the least.


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