Saturday, January 16, 2010

My SECOND Quilt top Completed for 2010!

Well there is a title that I thought I'd never have - not me.. but yes, it's true! I've started and completed not one, but TWO quilt tops so far this year! I know, I know - such a rare statement I had to be sure and put it in print! :P LOL While I'm at it - let it be noted that today is just January 16th, 2010!!! ;)

Here's the new project I started and posted about Thursday of this week, maybe you already read my post? no? I guess I sorta got a little head start on JudyL's quiltathon weekend challenge didn't I? ;)

The borders are on, and Friday while the twins napped I laid it all out on the tile floor in the foyer and pined it into a quilt sandwich. I have no real plans on how I'm gonna go about quilting it but take a look at this beautiful fabric they sent in the kit for the backing!

If I actually knew what I was doing, I'd consider quilting it from the backside and following the flowing design that is printed on the fabric. But that's not gonna happen. #1, b/c I have no experience using my machine for free motion and #2, I've already pinned it from the front! :P

I'm glad I thought to take a photo that showed the manufacture b/c I think I'm gonna hunt for this and see if it's available in other colors too b/c I think it would be great framing borders for more I-Spy squares in upcoming quilts that I have planned for the twins later this year...

So I bet you are wondering if I've started on the actual quilting yet.. well no. Simply b/c I have no thread here in my house that is suitable to use. I don't have any yellow or aqua blue NOR to I have any WHITE! Can you believe? no white? That's b/c I always piece using a beige or a greenish neutral thread... and I admit I tested it and it look terrible... so I'll wait until I can go buy some proper thread to use on it before I get started.

Until then, I have another project I can work on.... Stay tuned! ;)

In other news - I got an email from Margaret and she DID receive my Crayola Quilt TODAY! :) Yeaaaa! I'm glad it made it, and especially today since the mail will not be running on Monday. I'm sure that as I type this, she already has it loaded and ready to go ;)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Love from Texas!


  1. Hi Bonnie, I loved the spellbound fabric too. I bought some a couple of weeks ago from http://www.thousandsofbolts.com/
    I just checked again and they still have a lot of it in 15 different colors at excellent prices. To get to it fast go to the site, click on the greens, organize by manuf,36 fabrics per page, and then I think it was about page 22 or 23 at the bottom.
    Take care,

  2. Well, someone beat me to it, but I was going to say that the Spellbound comes in lots of colors, too. The black is absolutely gorgeous!! Would be a great background!


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