Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have *famous* friends & I'm going to Camp Sloanie soon!

How many others listed yesterday or last night to Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio Show with Bonnie Hunter??? If you missed it click here to listen then be sure and click HERE to enter the giveaway contest!

I was all excited yesterday afternoon b/c David called just about the time I was gonna have to go wake up the twins to go pick up Nora... he was just getting around to a late lunch at 2:30... after I told him that the twins were still asleep then he offered to go pick her up so we could stay put at home!

Yippie I thought! I will get to her the show LIVE! and I did up until the part at the beginning of where Bonnie talked about denim quilts and using old records as templates... then it stopped on me :( .............probably b/c all her other fans clicked in and booted me off. haha

But last night after the kids were in bed, I brought my laptop in here to the dining room with me and got it going and I felt like both Pat and Bonnie were in here with me talking as I worked! It was fabulous! ;) I even posted on my Facebook about listening to them both as my status - to which my husband replied the first comment saying "nerd quilter!"

Little did he know that not only my Facebook friends would read and see it but ALSO that THE Bonnie Hunter and THE Pat Sloan would too!!! b/c they are my Facebook friends too! :P It was fun to read their responces! Even the *famous* JudyL had a comment too! ;)

So this morning as I was hopping around blogville... I wanted to go back to Pat's post and be sure and leave a comment for her give-away... I read about this:

Clicking on the logo should take you to her post about it... if not click here.

So I guess I need to get started thinking what can I do to use up a lot of my strips that I already have cut up and that are in my bins that I made using Bonnie's Scrap User System... and make plans to get started next Thursday - although I am also curious to see what Pat has planned to share with us too! ;)

Won't you plan on joining too?

Love from Texas!


  1. Bingo-Bonnie, you are FAMOUS too!!!
    I consider myself lucky to have found your blog and the HGTV forum.
    I hope you consider me a friend too!
    I love that one yard wonder striped quilt.
    p.s. I am going to Camp Sloanie too!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm going to Camp Sloanie too! Thanks to you Bonnie!


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