Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Christmas Ho-Down Dance!

This is so fun! I have seen other friends who "Elfed their self" and inserted photos and just had to try it out myself. It took a while but ended up being so cute and perfect for the placement of who did what - Nora at the end does a cartwheel! And that is perfect b/c this year she is taking gymnastics! ;)

Click HERE or Cut and paste the link into your browser to see our hodown!


Hurry and watch b/c it expires January 15th, 2010!

I thought it turned out very cute! Especially the placement of who did what – wasn’t planned just worked out that way!

David and PT kicking up heels at the start,

Then me and the girls playing rake guitars,

Then the twins,

Nora and I up in the loft while PT does his dance,

David and the twins,

Olivia roppin up David,

Then David in the loft as the girls dance by…

even Nora did cartwheel at the end, which was perfect b/c she started gymnastics this year!

Merry Christmas & Love from Texas!

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