Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting ready for KY

In case you are wondering... yes I wrote up all these gift opening posts all at one time and "scheduled" them to each be posted different days... so today when you read this, I'll be busy working my shinny hinny off getting ready for our BIG ROAD TRIP TO KY to be home with our family for the rest of the year! ;)

Tonight (Thursday) I'm busy sewing on the borders for Ruby's quilt to give to her tomorrow - I just found a tape measure today! I'm also finishing up Nora's ornaments that she worked so hard tracing... and all day tomorrow - when you read this I'll be packing and checking off my list of to do before leaving.

Perhaps sometime after day break on Saturday if I'm feeling up to it I'll get the laptop out while we are headed North in the van and write a post or two...? David has the laptop and cell phone all set up to work with each other so we will have connection anywhere we are.

maybe not.. I am taking along some hand sewing and a book and then there is the usual climbing back and forth between my passenger seat and the way back where the kids are to get what ever they drop... and back and forth... and maybe I'll get lucky and get to sleep - when it's not my turn to drive. Yes we drive it straight thru the 16 hours..

yeah, maybe not... :P so until you hear from me - enjoy the rest of the package opening posts!

Love from somewhere along the way from Texas to Kentucky!

1 comment:

  1. Cute ornaments!
    I hope you all enjoy your time at home. Travel safe!


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