Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bridge City Library Quilt Raffle

JudyL, I saw your BEAUTIFUL quilt that you donated to the library for the first time yesterday when David and I took the kids to the Story Time Christmas party! Ginger & Michelle have it on display just as you come in the entrance - I thought you'd like to take a look at how cute they have it decorated for winter ;)

Judy blogged about this quilt the first time here and the second time here.

It really is gorgeous - more so in person than the photo I have... someone is gonna be a very lucky proud owner and from our cold weather we've been having I'm sure that has helped ticket sales ;)

Thank you again Judy for your generous donation to my friends at the Bridge City library! :) I know they are so very grateful for your generosity!!! Everyone in that area appreciates all the support they've been given as they rebuild their homes and town.... stronger than before.

Quilter friends are some of the most thoughtful friends I've ever met!!! A few dozen I've had the pleasure of meeting before in person and many more that I may never meet.

Quilt in the top photo was made Judy Laquidara. Raffle tickets on sale at Bridge City's Library. $2 each. All proceeds will go to the Library to help with damages from Hurricane Ike that devastated and flooded the entire town on September 13, 2008. If you would like to purchase tickets you can call the Bridge City Library at 409-735-4242 and ask for Ginger or Michelle for more information - just mention that you read about it on either Judy's blog or mine.

some other photos taken shortly after Ike.

Love from Texas!


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