Thursday, December 10, 2009

#1 Smell of Christmas

Last Friday I told you that my "All I want for Christmas Swap Box" was here and that I was gonna wait to open unitl after we got our Christmas decorating completed... well we did get all fo that done over the weekend but Nora was also sick... and she missed school Monday, Tuesday and yesterday too... so with her stuck here at home with me I selfishly decided to wait on opening b/c this is suppose to be all for me right? :P

Call me a Mean Old Momma if you want - isn't that what MOM stands for anyway? :P

Well today Nora is back at school and just as soon as the garage door went down and she and David were gone - the babies had already eaten breakfast so I set them up in the den with a show and went to the dining room where my gift box was calling - rather screaming my name!

I had thought that I'd post and share 1 a day for the 12 days of Christmas but apparently there were 20 themed gifts so I'll share one a day until closer on and then do 2 per day... m'kay?

OK - Here we go! #1 Smells of Christmas

I could smell these before I even opened the gift wrap and they are still in packaging - Mmmmm! Cinnamon Heart Mints!

Perfect for me - someone who doesn't do smelly lotions and such. Thank you Shawkl!!! I know I've been causing you to nearly EXPLODE with anticipation!! I'm the same way too when I give a gift - I can't wait to see how they liked it.. and I got your messages and told you you'd be the first to know ;) I am looking forward to talking to you on the phone whenever a good time is - let me know.

Love from Texas!


  1. Hey MOM! LOL My DS would call me Meanie. I told him that every Mama's middle name was Meanie...and that my name was Mama Meanie Jordan. LOL

  2. I clicked on the first photo and that is quite a wonderful package you got...can't wait to see all the gifts as you open them.

  3. Love the pictures with your kids!


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