Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are you done with your Christmas Lights??

Last weekend David and Nora put out our "rainbow" lights in the shrubs in front of the house. While I cheated and put up the small 3' tree inside. Just about the time I was finished with the lights (((only 2 strands - can you believe it?))) Nora rang the door bell to come in b/c her hands were freezing cold. Perfect timing to help me with ornaments!

and although she remembered all of "her" ornaments - the ones she earned with each of her potty sticker carts - she did not remember that we had once had this same tree in her bedroom 2 years ago. We skipped putting it up in her room last year b/c of the twins - they love playing in there between bath time and bed time and we just knew they'd knock it over.

and this year b/c we are going home to KY for Christmas... leaving on the 18th - it just didn't make sense to me to put up the big tree (that usually has over 2000 lights) and then have to deal with it after we get back from our vacation... you know just one more thing... so we "cheated" and put up the small one in the front room (living room /computer room.)

We keep this room gated off majority of the time - can't have two 2 year olds banging on the keyboard or climbing around on the desk or worse... did you notice the TV sitting on the floor??? it use to sit on a small table right there to the left of the huge computer desk/bookshelf... (cable is on that wall) but b/c of the twins.. we had to remove the table b/c we didn't want them to turn it over on themselves.

But what I really menat to ask was - for those of you who participated in the Quiltmaker Magazine Bonnie Hunter mystery - are you done yet with your Christmas Lights Quilt top???

If so Margaret Gunn who quilted mine is open for taking more bookings for this pattern... she wrote:

If you know of anyone else that did this mystery quilt and still needs it quilted, please send them my way. I'd love to quilt it for them!

Love from Texas!


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