Friday, December 11, 2009


Yesterday was the day of our MOPS play date. Every month it's somewhere different and for this month b/c it is so cold outside - they choose for us all to go to the play area at the Mall in Pt. Arthur. Normally I wouldn't drive so far for a play date, but I had somethings to exchange at Target which is at the mall so we ventured out. ;)

Olivia and Paul Thomas la,la,LOVED it! They were bouncing and jumping around everywhere!

They played so hard that they fell asleep on the way home! Olivia was already snoring when I stopped at the first red light!

I got back about 30 minutes before the time I usually leave to pick up Nora so I just drove on to her school and arrived really early. They were still asleep so it was nice and quiet.

Here is what greeted me when I pulled into the parking lot. :)

Awwlll look at these two sleeping angels....

and I remembered to take a close up of myself... so that Dad can see that I had the mole removed from my nose the day after Thanksgiving. It's healed very nicely and not noticeable at all.

I love showing up to the carpool line early! It gives me time to do this....

I always keep a hoop in the van with me - drive thru at McDonalds, carpool line, even at the car wash! :) I love to stitch!

The twins stayed asleep until Nora got in the van. Not that she woke them up, she didn't but the cold air that rushed in as the teacher opened up the sliding door and also the loudness of all the school kids talking... no big deal though - they got over an hour and a half of nap time. ;)

I had to stop for gas... and I bought them a Kit-Kat bar to share.... at the..as Nora calls it "the box place" that the gas station attendant sits for those who walk up and pay. Guess who really loves chocolate!??!?

while the gas was pumping I got to stitch a little more...

and when I got home, lots of goodies were in the mailbox waiting for me!

the mini quilt from crazy'boutquilts - but you're gonna have to wait to see it!!! ;)

Love from Texas!


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