Friday, December 4, 2009

All I want for Christmas Box is here!

I guess it's the "mom in me" that won't allow myself to have any fun until my chores are taken care of, completed and done... well that is never gonna happen - but I'm at least trying to wait until we have our Christmas Tree set up and lights outside... then I'll reward myself with....


What is this, you ask??? Well it's a box full of goodies hand selected just for little ole me... from a secret special someone!! - see each year over on the HGTV boards they have annual secret sisters and such - I've never done that swap before... and I think it was last year was the first time they did one called "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" where the coordinator, holee, posed questions for everyone to talk about themselves and answer and then she made catagories... and took sign-ups and assigned partners...

Again I did not participate and barely even knew it was going on... the letter on top was the first thing I saw and read... oh how nice! ;)

Kathy aka Shawkl decided to be my secret sponsor and asked holee to email me and ask me the questions and then forward on to her... I was shocked to think anyone would want to do this for little ole me???? who could it be I wondered???? Never would I have thought it to be one of the 8 FQ Bingo Winners from last year...

and I know Kathy is sitting on the edge of her seat to hear back from me - but this is all the looking I've done so far... opened it up and here is a peak inside...


A very BIG bar of Hershey's!!! I'm pretty sure she meant for me to eat this immediately since it's not gift wrapped! :P So I'll take it out now and start enjoying some of it!

Oh my heavens does she know what I love or what!!!??!?! :)

Now that the weekend is here we plan to put up our Christmas tree. Last weekend, Nora and I purged through old toys from the front room (the home's living room that we use as computer room and toy box room) and filled up a big laundry hamper of things to take and donate to the church - they've just started having a nursery during the 10:30 Mass. Which we love! ;) Finally I can hear the readings and actually get something from Father Tom's Homilies.

Anyway - have a great weekend everyone - and check back here on Monday for more photos of what's inside my Special Box! ;)


  1. I wanted a bite of that chocolate bar sooooo bad. Wow might have to ge get me one. Hope you have with fun your box!!

  2. Okay...your patience is admirable...but the suspense is killing me!

    My little tree is up, and so is Mom's...but we don't do the outside lights. Neither of us dares attempt the ladder!

  3. Intriguing looking packages... 8-)


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