Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#9 - Christmas Kitchen

Humm. #9 =Christmas Kitchen? Well my first guess was that maybe it might be a holiday tea towel but this package is not at all squishy so that's not it...

A variety of cookie cutters! and plastic ones at that!!! These are soooo much nicer than the old ones I have! and they will not rust!!!

Oh Nora and I will have so much fun with these! I'm gonna have to pack them up and take with us to KY when we go on our Christmas vacation - We leave this Friday. Click here to see Nora's cookies that we made for Thanksgiving this year. They turned out really cute didn't they?

Thanks again Kathy, aka Shawkl. I'm so loving all of my gifts so far and sharing them a few at a time with my blog readers ;)

Love from Texas!


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