Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do not try this at home

Remember that big ole bar of Hershey's chocolate that was on top of my special gift box.... well I started on it and have been nibbling on it for the past 2 days and tonight lookie at what I discovered.

I repeat - do NOT try this at home...

...well if you do - don't say I didn't warn ya!

Oh how I'll be in BIG trouble if the GOOD Lord ever blesses me with another baby - b/c for me to keep away morning sickness I keep a jar of Jiff and a spoon with me at all times - yep I took it to work, had it at home and kept a jar in my car, in my purse... it is the only thing I know of that takes away morning sickness feeling.... and now that I know how good it is on top of chocolate...... oh MY!

AGAIN, do NOT attempt this - or at least if you do - do NOT blame ME for any weight GAIN! :P

Love from Texas!


  1. Uh oh...I think I have a Hershey bar in the other room! And I KNOW we have peanut butter. This looks too good for words! :0)

  2. Oh, I've been doing that for years! Its ssooo good! Although Peanut Butter never occurred to me for morning sickness. I used to suck on Jolly Ranchers!

  3. MMMmmm...I hadn't heard peanut helps with morning sickness. That sure would have made my 9 months with Kaitlyn a lot easier. That was a long, sick pregnancy.

  4. You say don't try it so now I must. Jolly Ranchers wow I forgot how much I use to like those as a teenager especially the lime.

  5. LOL!
    Have you ever tried melted peanut-butter on ice-cream with a bit of Nestle's Nesquik Chocolate Syrup on top? ... It's what my kids (21 - 24) discovered... 8-)

  6. YUM! I'm gaining weight just looking at your photo!

  7. I'm soooo into peanut butter- have you tried it on French Toast with maple syrup? YUM...

    And I love it on vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and chopped pecans...Myra, I'll have to try melting the PB first!! Just what I need, another way to take in more calories than I burn...


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