Monday, December 21, 2009

#20 - Let it Snow

#20 Let it Snow! They have forecasted snow for where my Daddy lives in KY, but it didn't come. However I've seen several photos in blog land of lots of snow!!! some had 18"!!! WOW! Well guess what's in today's package??

It was beautifully wrapped up in Snowflake fabrics...betcha ya can not guess...

what do you think it is??

give up? You didn't say bath crystals did you?

did you?

well if you did you're half right... look at these BeAuTiFuL Crystals!!!!!

Shawkl made FOUR pair of earrings for me! I can wear a different pair each Sunday to church and never repeat for a month! ;)

I love how sparkly they are!

i tried to hold them up to the light to capture some cool photos for my readers - but I'm sorry to say that no matter how many I took none of them looked half as good as they really do here in person.

I really really Love them Kathy!!! those and all of my LOOT! You are so so very generous to include me in this gift giving exchange/swap from the HGTV boards!!! I'm a very lucky girl this year!!! TY-TY_Thank YOU for secretly sponsoring me this year!!!

Love from Kentucky!


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