Wednesday, December 9, 2009

drive thru = stitchin time

These photos were taken about a week ago - sorry I'm late in blogging about it.

Maybe for most people when they pull into McD's and see this car on the right - they'd get mad ... b/c they are pulling out and going the wrong way making it hard for people like me to get to the looooong drive thru line...

but not for me! b/c long drive thru line = more stitchin time!!! ;)

and I love sticking the camera up over my shoulder to see what I can capture... lookie here at these sweet little piggies of Olivia's! :) I even caught Paul Thomas spying on me...

Can you believe this was the only brown I had in my collection???

Good thing we ate in the car on the way home, b/c the twins fell asleep soon after their last bite. Which meant that I got to sit and stitch for a while while they napped! ;)

the "winter friend snowman" printed out on the paper (in the back on the table) I got from Sunshine Yellow's blog - she shared a FREE stitchery - click over to her blog to see her adorable pillow!

and the Cute Christmas Tree was a FREE stitchery designed by Andrea Zuill over at her blog where she offers a free pattern every month. Her designs are also what are in the hoop - her Christmas Embroidery Pattern Set

and I've not printed them yet - but I do plan to print out these FREE cute little angels (9 to a page) and stitch them up too!

Love from Texas!

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  1. You are a master at making every moment count!!


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