Thursday, December 17, 2009

#11 - Reading & Writing

#11 - Reading & Writing... humm sounds like I'm getting a homework assignment doesn't it?

Well let's see what could be waiting for me inside these two packages.

The first to open is the larger one.

I do have several quilting books - but none on actual hand quilting. :) Both my mother and Momma Newt were hand quilters and since they passed away long before I took up the hobby this will be a great book to read since I do not have my loved ones around to teach me and give me helpful advice on hand quilting. I'm definitely taking this with me for our trip home to KY!

We are planning to leave around supper time Friday so most of the driving time will be at night while the kids are asleep - but I'm sure there will be plenty of reading time the next morning as for us it takes around 16 hours to drive home to KY. :/

I'm lucky I don't get motion sickness.. Reading is something I can do while riding in the car. However I'm not able to do any redwork or stiching :( simply b/c of the vibration on the vehicle prevents me from making nice and neat stitches and I rather wait than to have sloppy work.

So what is in the smaller of the 2 packages....? Want to take a guess...? If the big one was for "reading" then the smaller one must be "writing" right?

RIGHT! Ooooough!!! These beautiful cards look like hand stitched Baltimore Album Applique Quilts! I've received notes on cards like these before from swappers and bingo players and I always pin up on my bulletin board in my sewing room b/c they are toooooo pretty to hide away... I love these Kathy!!! TY, TY, Thank-You!!

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh, those cards are wonderful! I have been using quilting cards almost exclusively for my personal correspondence lately. I'll have to look for those to add to my collection.

  2. Those cards are gorgeous!!

    hey...I also wanted to thank you for the lemons! I made a gallon of lemonade as soon as I opened the box! It doesnt take but about 3 of them to get a good gallon to drink! Thanks so much! I blogged about it...Go take a peek at Sherrys reply to the post...LOL

  3. Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas with your family in Kentucky!!


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