Friday, December 4, 2009


School was let out early for Nora today - b/c the weather man said we would be getting sleet and snow! And that is exactly what it did... first starting out sleeting and within minutes it was SNOWING!

BIG BIG FLAKES!!! In SE Texas no less!! Can you believe it?

Here is one of the fist flakes that hit me... This is the 2nd snow here in our parts in the last 20 years. Two years in a row!

Fast and Furious flakes! WOW!

I was just sure when I took the photo of our home - it was gonna be a "before" shot and later on - maybe even tomorrow take a 2nd of a blanket of snow on the lawn...

but nope.. by the time David got home it had already stopped snowing....

Doesn't look like Nora will get to build a snowman :P LOL

Although she did try to catch a few flakes on her tongue and in her hands.

and take a look at her coat - double click to make the photo larger... don't you just love that quilting on it??? My mother-in-law bought it for her last year and I la,la,LOVED it! :)

Love from Texas!


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