Friday, December 11, 2009

When life gives you a lemon tree...

you pick em! and....

you share them! Read all about the ones that I mailed to my friend Quiltaholic here. ;) She did a great job posting about them.. On facebook she had asked if I could mail her 6 to use to make a pie.... and I didn't even respond to her wall post... but instead tried to surprise her and I mailed her a whole box full!

And speaking of my friend Quiltaholic - I don't think I ever shared on my blog that I made this block for her. I may have shown a peak of a photo while it was in progress, but at the time couldn't tell about it b/c it was a big surprise that all of us on the HGTV board was planning for her. Over 100 of us contributed to a beautiful quilt for her after her mother passed away.

The block stitched up in a matter of a few days and the whole time I worked on it, I couldn't help but remember my own mother that I lost to cancer in 1999. The different shades blues were symbolic for memories between a mother and daughter.. and of course the woven part in the middle shows just how bound we are by our mother's love for us... I included a card with my block to explain some of the things I thought of while working on this for her.

Read about Q's Love of Friends Quilt here... and see photos of what we all made for her. I was so happy to be a part of such a loving project for a wonderful person and friend!! We love you Q!

Also today I mailed a couple other things to share with some other friends...

I can't show you what's inside the bag... but I'll give you a hint. It's on it's way to Crazy'boutquilts and this time I didn't use any tape! :P

EDITED TO ADD - clicking on Crazy's name above will take you to her post of what's inside and you can see! ;)

Also I mailed these blocks to my friend IowaLisa for a special project she is working on for another HGTV board member friend

and the last package I mailed today went to Missmikol in Utah. Over 4 yards to be used as the backing of her Round Robin Quilt

Well that's about it for today... I hope all of you have a great weekend! ;)

Love from Texas!


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