Thursday, July 22, 2010

and the prize for longest distance traveled goes to Canada

When I started this swap and posted about it here on my blog - quickly I was emailed and asked by several of my readers if they could join in too? Sure! :) and then I got an email from Pokey... "what about international swappers?".... sure! :)

Then came another email from her asking if her good friend Beth could join in on the fun too? Sure! ;)

Just as long as you send me enough postage money to get your return package back to you... and as long as you get it here before the deadline.... and CHECK, CHECK! She met both of the requirements! :)

Yeah, I'm pretty easy like that ;) haha and back about 3 weeks ago I when I got a phone call from her I was so delighted that she'd take the time to give me a call to ask me some questions about the swap. Soooo nice and fun to talk to. I even escaped the kids for a while and went upstairs behind locked gates and then into my girls' bedroom and into their closet with a shut door so that the kids wouldn't hear my voice and come looking for me.... haha

At the time I did NOT remember that this was one of my Canada swappers.... and if she told me in the beginning of the call I honestly didn't hear it over the kids at my feet...so Pokey - PLEASE tell me you have FREE long distance or roll over minutes or something! b/c now I'm worried I may have costed you a fortune for the length of time we talked! aak!

I'm guessing that you didn't get charged too awful much, or you wouldn't have been so kind to share with me a collection of your "vintage" floral fabric squares. How cool to make them large enough for using as "bricks" in vickiquilt's upcoming swap! I may just do that.. cut and keep one and then send one to swap... you are so thoughtful Pokey! thank you! ;)

Didn't she do a wonderful job in selecting a variety?

~~~Also included in the package were these blocks made by Pokey's friend Beth~~~

She too, sent in a great variety! Looking at them makes ya just wish you could pick off 1 of each doesn't it? ;)

Which reminds me.... I better get to sewing myself! Only a few more days before the deadline of July 31st.... I am sooo looking forward to the weekend - and NOT going anywhere except for the grocery on Saturday & then to Mass on Sunday. I only want to sew, sew, sew!

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh, Bonnie you are to cute! I'm in Ontario...California...!

    So glad you have them, and are happy. I think I've gone scrap happy, I've continued to make myself another 200 different ones....

    Hugs, pokey

  2. That gave me a great laugh! I can easily see the confusion.
    Ontario CA --- My first thought would be CANADA also. how confusing is that????

    I am glad the call didn't "cost a fortune"


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