Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday hump day? for us it's go day. ;)

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had a post card from the PO saying there were 3 packages for me to pick up down town at the Post Office... Well today the kids and I ventured out to do some errands...we've been cooped up in here since Sunday! I had to go by the church and swing by the bank.. along with a few other places, but going to the Post Office was first on our list of things to do. I even dared to go in with all 3 kids and WITHOUT the double stroller! They're 3 now so they need to start learning to "stay together" and "hold hands" and despite Paul Thomas' best effort to escape me, he never got loose :P

Since I knew I'd have two little hands to hold and packages to carry, I took along my newest reusable shopping bag that I received for preregistering for MOPS. Love the color and logo but quite frankly I have to admit that the quality of the bag is disappointing... but I'll try and use it, b/c after all it's great advertisement to invite other moms to join our group ;)

Anyway - the packages... one was for David and the other two shown above were from scrappy 4 patch swappers! :) Take a look at what vickiquilts sent....

Peek-a-Boo! I see a little Red Riding hood looking at you... :)

Isn't this book soooo cute?

Nora sure thought so and took to reading it right away. I'm sure the twins will enjoy it too as we keep a whole backpack full of books with us in the van by her chair and she reads to her "backseat buddy" - which is usually Paul Thomas. She prefers him over Olivia b/c he doesn't try to "tell her what to do" haha and lets her read what ever she chooses - whereas if Olivia doesn't get her way on what book to read, she'll cry and scream all thru the one Nora picked...

although I think before I let this book get put into the backseat of the van... I'm taking it upstairs when I go get the twins from naptime so that we can all enjoy it together at bed time. I love books that have a rhyme verse. ;) and "I" want to be the one to read it :P

I did go all thru vickiquilts package really good b/c it was marked on the outside as damaged... and had a little mishap with one of the machines along the way. Two of the bags popped open..

that is when the "Cards" with my name & addy on one side ... and your info on the back side, along with the number of sets you sent - COME IN SO USEFUL... I was able to take a look and see just how many sets were suppose to be in each baggie... ;)

and after getting them all out - and count and recount... and RECOUNT...

First two times I came up with 199 both times... then 3rd count = 200 and so I had to do it two more times to make sure that there really were 200 and that I had not miss counted the third time.....you know - to make for sure, SURE :P b/c I'm nerdy like that....

and indeed - ALL 200 blocks were there! whew! ;) I love it when it all works out... oh and one more thing... vicki also sent Nora alphabet bands! :) Thank you so much missy for ALWAYS finding a little something to send to my kidos. You are soooo spoiling them! ;) You've been in a number of my swaps over the years and I know you know you don't have to... but I know that you want to. I hope I'm doing a better job of sharing photos with you. I'll try to get some of the twins at bedtime one night this week too ;) but as you know I open and go thur the swap stuff while they are napping! ;)

Thank you Ms. Vicki in FL!

Love from Texas!

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