Friday, July 16, 2010

Blocks from quilting professor are here

Thought I'd share some snapshots that I took of the little ones this morning during breakfast. Most days they enjoy their Cinnamon Toast Waffles ;) That's one item I let then have while sitting at the big table and not in their booster chairs... I use the word "sit" very loosely here... as you can above.

Yesterday I only shared one of the packages that was picked up when we went downtown to the Post Office. This one took me a little while to figure out WHO it was from... I had to use my detective skills... but I did finally figure it out.. quilting professor sent in 15 sets.

"Freshly wrapped" I might add :) 5 sets neatly lined up in each wrapper.

There was no HGTV nickname inside - just real life name... and in this swap as you know I have 39 participants which several are first timers with me either from reading my blog or found it when I posted it on the yahoo quiltville group.... most of my swappers give me all their mailing info when they sign up, but there are 13 that I do not have addresses for in my spreadsheet ---yet. :) I will though once they arrive ;)

and this one - how I figured it out was - the city was also the same as part of her email address which I did have in my spreadsheet! ;) YES! I found the clue I needed! haha. ;)

I have to say, it really makes my job easy peasy when they are so easily to lay out. Just lift up a set at a time, verify that there are 10 in each set... and everything stays so nice and neat ;)

1,2,3,4,5 and again... and again ;)

Oh and I'm not sure if prior to this swap she had used the pressing tip as shown in the video I shared (look for it in my sidebar on the right) but looks like to me that she mastered it ;)

Ta-Da! All 15 scrappy sets from quilting professor... at least I think they are from you...

Please correct me if I'm wrong ;)

Love from Texas!

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  1. Well, Bonnie - sorry to prolong the mystery - but I don't think those are MY blocks... in fact, I'm certain those are not my blocks! I sent in 20 sets, and I have never seen those fabrics before!!! So - good luck figuring out whose they are -
    ........and have you gotten mine by now????

    Kate (Quilting Professor)


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