Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Package from Quilter Jen arrived!

and here's the last post of photos of the packages that arrived while I was on vacation for the 4th of July to Kentucky. There was one card that said I have a package at the PO I have to go pick up... so if you didn't see yours listed below, I've yet to make the trip to town with the kids to go get it but I will. It probably has a few cents due on it... sometimes if it's less than $0.25 my carrier will deliver anyway to me and I leave it for her in the box... but perhaps this one I got a card for required a signature? I duno.

anyway - the last package I opened Monday was from... Quilter Jen. It came while I was in KY last week.

She used 2 quart sized ziplocks and staggered sets so that they were very easy to remove as sets. One baggie had 6 and the other 7 for a total of 13 sets to swap. ;)

Thanks for the cash for postage to return your package to you. I have some boxes just like the one you sent "in stock" here at home ;)

For those readers just stoppin by my blog for a visit, I W-E-L-C-O-M-E you! I know my girlfriend Karen in KY just recently shared my link on her facebook page. ;) Seems there's a group there that are working on making their own One Yard Wonder Stripy Quilts, that I blogged about earlier this year. ****shamefully I have to admit that you won't find a single post about the finished quilt... b/c it's still at the "needs borders sewn" stage :/ sorry.

I hope I'm not boring you with swap photos...from current posts... but I know that myself, I love sneak peaks at all the goodies!!! and as Hostess of the swap = that is something I have fun doing. ;)

I'm already taking signups for ROUND 2 due this fall (Oct. 31st) email me if you'd like more information. This swap filled up fast with 40 participants!

Love from Texas!


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