Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Package Rec'd from texana

Here's another package that arrived while I was on vacation - From texana who is a blog reader and first time participant in one of my swaps I've hosted. Look at what she sent. See that little white "Stitchin' Heaven" white looking book... it's a Post-it Note holder of various sizes!

Cool isn't it? A variety of sizes at my fingertips! Thanks texana! These will come in so handy!

And look what else she included from "Stitchin' Heaven" a very nice lanyard I believe they are called! When I saw it I thought, "oooough now when I sew I can pretend I work there!" --you know, the 12 year old in me. LOL

But then in her note she said that SHE DID USE TO WORK THERE! :) how cool is that!?

And if those cool gifts weren't enough - she also wrapped up some "leftovers" in press-n-seal wrap, so they won't go stale.. haha ;) and sent along!

Aren't they all awesome!??! As she mentioned in her letter - she made up all 10 of her sets for the swap, in TRUE "Leader/Ender" style, like our favorite Bonnie teaches... wow! I don't know if I could let go of mine.. as I've been making my own sets using the strip piece method I've been keeping back at least 2 or 3 of each set for me. texana, you are soooo generous! Thank you bunches!

and guess who was the first to try on the lanyard? My little Olivia... isn't she sweet? I tried to help her, but she insisted that it rest on TOP of her head like that! Funny! :P

Still amazed at how suddenly, over night, she and Paul Thomas are now "3 year olds" and not babies anymore.

Love from Texas!


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