Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wrapping up my own sets for the 4 patch swap

I will be sewing again tonight and tomorrow night as I wait on the last packages to arrive… I had thought I'd just quit where I was and be happy with swapping 10 sets... but then decided since I still have 2 more packages to arrive - I could go ahead and finish up this stack of noodles sewn together already and that would bring me to about 18 sets complete *if I get them done in time* ;)

It's gonna take me a day or so to clear off my table and get all the 30+ packages unloaded and onto the table and ready….. but maybe I'll clear off the guest bed upstairs instead...?

I took photos to post onto my blog to show what I'm working on .. but they will not show up when I email my blog post??? still trying to figure that out...


but for now - all the packages that have arrived... have been sitting here mingling with each other getting to know one another.... Big Grin I can NOT wait to see them all spread out together... it's gonna be fun - FUN- FUN! Cool

and once I'm thru swapping these I'll email everyone about the fall "Round 2" swap (due date of 10/31) and take sign-ups thru email for a week before starting a new thread post here on the board.... so if you are interested and have not told me yet - send me a PM or email Wink

Love from Texas!


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