Monday, July 26, 2010

A package from SewJill

SewJill - They're Heeeeere!

I just opened up your package just now (on my Birthday) and THANK YOU for the towels!! My Olivia loves strawberry juice (V8 Fusion, Strawberry/banana juice) and I know she is gonna like the strawberry towel!

The cow one is cute too :) and what little boy doesn't get excited about farm animals? So I'm sure Paul Thomas will love drying his hands on that one in the bathroom.... and I'll love not having towels fall on the floor! :)

We now have enough that I keep 2 hanging in the down stairs bathroom and also upstairs in the kids bathroom... and of course one on the oven door handle :) Thank you everyone who has read my blog about me liking these for the kids and also about me liking the crocheted or knitted wash cloths! My blogger friends are GREAT!

And ooough la la! Your Bricks and Stepping stones is gonna turn out gorgeous if these are just 2 of the leftovers! TY I love leftovers! Thank you for sharing them with me! :)

Love from Texas!


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