Monday, July 12, 2010

More about my UGLY BAG made of FQs

Last month I showed you my UGLY "Fat Quarter Bag" that I used to take my show-n-tell with me to my guild meeting. I posted about it HERE.

It really does hold a LOT... as in a king sized quilt or if you're more of a visual person - even a small child... actually BOTH Paul Tomas and Olivia were inside it in the first photo above. PT was just crunched down hiding from the camera.

They thought it was too fun - and although they did both fit... they were WAY TOO heavy for me to lift. So dragging them and sliding them was as good as it got for them :P WEeeee!

It's so UGLY... actually I've seen a ton of them made and I'm pretty sure that mine is the UGLIEST ever - but you know what... I don't care. It does what I need it to do = hold A LOT... and it reminds me of way back in 1999 B.C. when I took the class on how to make it. We lived in Sumter, SC at the time... (the BC stands for life Before Children haha)

Even when I was done sliding... they weren't and kept trying to put themselves inside the bag.

Then came along big sister... NO - I'm sorry Nora you can NOT fit too! :(

So she decided to pretend that Olivia was her baby

Yep - it's big enough to smuggle babies... haha! I'm not certain the official name of the pattern - but when I took the class it was called "The Fat Quarter Bag" and I remember that b/c my husband thought that was hilarious at the time... b/c when we were growing up the pot heads called a bag of marijuana that cost $25 a Fat Quarter Bag... and David laughed that I was wanting to make a FQ bag.

I have to admit though - it sat as an UFO for years and years... b/c I didn't finish it in the class... back then I didn't have a sewing machine I could take with me to class and instead of renting one from the store - I sat and watched... then later at home when I got to the elastic part - I was clueless... and gave up.

I moved it at least 6 or 7 times over the years and after I got here to TX and found online quilting sites and groups - there was talk of this pattern over on the yahoo group called Stashbusters. I replied privately to someone on there and ended up sending it to her and she finished it up for me! That was at least 2 or 3 years ago - so sorry I can't remember her name... Barbara? or Sue maybe? sorry. But who ever you are, you know how much I appreciate the help in finishing up the UFO ;) and I hope you are enjoying your own bag you made with some of the fabrics I sent you from my own FQ collection that I selected of your favorite color. ;)

Since that class I've seen the pattern made using disappearing 9 patch blocks instead of the simple FQs sewn together and that version works up SO CUTE! if I were to ever make another - that is how I'd do mine.... with solid RED centers before cutting ;) and the rest all scrap-oh-lishious!

Has it been a month already since my last guild meeting??? WOW - it's the 3rd week already! Guess I better get to thinking about what to take Thursday for Show-N-Tell... I already know what I'm taking for next month when THE Bonnie Hunter is our guest speaker ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Yep,the bag does it's job! Your kids are so cute!

  2. What a fantasticly versatile bag ,erm ,or do I mean plaything ..wonderful ...love Jan xx

  3. I love this! I have always said (in jest, I might add... when admiring these bags) that they are large enough to carry a small child! Well, lookie there, I was wrong... they're large enough for TWO!!


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