Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm signed up for my frst "Official" Mini Quilt Swap

Last year Holee hosted a Fall Mini Swap over on the HGTV boards and it sparked my interest. However I was too scardy cat to join up... and after emailing with crazy'boutquilts - she and I decided to play along with each other from the sidelines :)

It was so fun and I loved it - so this year when I saw that Holee had already had the signups and I had missed it I thought OH NO... but thankfully sewloves2quilt also spoke up that she would have liked to sign up and so we were partnered up together! :)

I do know that when I messaged sewloves2quilt she wrote back and said that she la,la,loved 1930's.... well.... hum. I'll have to think about that... I've been looking on line already....

However when we were over at the big town this weekend - we took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese.... we stopped by Joann's and I bought some fall fabrics...... I mainly bought them for a fall colored "Candy bars" swap I'm in that vickquilts is hosting, but I made sure to get 1/2 yard cuts of each for just in case I decide to use them for a fall mini Wink

So..... for now I'll have to let them simmer.... while I finish up some of my own scrappy 4 patches. The rest of the participants are also working away and preparing to mail their packages to me no later than Wednesday.... I can't wait to see all of them together... there will be close to 4000 total! Eeek!

EDITED TO ADD - here's one of the comments that was posted on the HGTV board after I shared a photo of my fabrics in the wooden bowl. (BTW - that bowl was so pretty, and even marked down 70%... but I ended up putting it back on the shelf. I know just under $14 was a good deal... but after thinking about it - I really didn't "NEED" it. ;)

OOOO, they look so pretty all together. It looks like you pulled all the colors from the end one on the left!

My Reply -
Yeah, you would think that wouldn't ya??? and I sometimes do find a inspiration fabric and pull colors from it... but not this time... nope that one was already at the cutting table from a previous customer and another worker was getting ready to re-shelf it when I spotted it and shouted excitedly - OOooogh I NEED that one too! Big Grin again, I have no idea if these will be used for my fall mini project or another swap that calls for fall fabrics... I just opened up my EQ7 last night and installed it... can't wait to learn how to use it and make my first project with it for this fall mini Smile

Love from Texas!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you are in the mini swap. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Good luck with your swap, that is quite the number of blocks you have coming in.

  2. I am excited about it too as it is my first mini swap with the ladies! I participated in one on another site and I LOVE the quilt I received in turn! It came from the Netherlands!! :)


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