Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

After a week of setting my alarm for 6:30am to get everyone ready and fed before leaving for Vacation Bible School last week... the only thing I wanted to do today for my Birthday was stay at home and chill out. ;)

This morning, when the kids woke up, David quickly went to each of their rooms and got them changed and dressed and sent them into my bedroom to come say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!" ;) At least that is what the twins did... Nora on the other hand told me "just don't think about anything today" and refused to wish me a Happy Birthday :/

but around 4:30 when the phone rang and I saw it was David calling from his cell phone (meaning he had left work VERY EARLY for his usual time) I knew something must be up...

I answered, "Hello"

and his reply was simply, "May I speak to Nora Minor please."

LOL - so of course I called her to the phone and she and him discussed their "plans." I made sure to leave the room so that I wouldn't overhear. ;)

After David called a second time and requested to speak to Nora Minor please, I then made sure to ask her after she hung up if I needed to make our usual "Spaghetti Birthday Supper" - or did Daddy have other plans...?

To which she told me, "Daddy is taking care of E-V-E-R-YTHING, you do not need to make supper at all. He's bring home what we are gonna eat."

So when he got home, he called yet a 3rd time asking to speak to her.... telling her to come outside he was home... and they together carried in an ice cream cake and bouquet of yellow flowers! :) It was then and ONLY then that she wished me a Happy Birthday as she yelled "Surprise!" ;)

Then David asked... do I need to put this in the freezer until after supper? and I asked, what do you mean?.... come to find out he had not brought home supper! LOL Apparently in a 6 year old's mind, ice cream cake REALLY IS ALL that we need! LOL :P So we laughed and had cake first then I heated up Mac-N-Cheese in the microwave for the kids and then warmed up leftovers from Chili's restaurant (where we went yesterday after Mass)

and want to know something else funny? David apologized more than once... twice before I corrected him, about not being able to find a 7 at the store so he didn't even buy candles at the store - but said that Nora remembered where the numbers were in the tea towel drawer from when she had her "6th" Birthday and the twins turned "3"... and so he "tried to make it work the best he could" but sorry it didn't say 37 instead....

UM, HELLO, I am 36, not 37! LOL I'm always 30 years older than Nora... but I won't hold my breath expecting him to remember that... after all he still thinks that my birthday is in June... and will say that 9 times out of 10.

Don't believe me.... then why is the truck registration due in JUNE...? (The truck is in my name) and they are always due the month of the owner's birthday month... don't even get me started on how I couldn't fill a prescription once b/c he had listed my birthday on his paperwork for the insurance for me as birth month June... LOL :P

Tonight was just us... and what a wonderful night it was - after all we did have a pretty fun weekend ;) afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese Saturday and eating at Chili's after Mass yesterday - so tonight was perfect easy going night here at home.

I love this last pic of the kids, don't you? Nora huggin the twins... the perfect gift for any mom to see - all of her children getting along... ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie! I turned 36 a few months ago. My husband always gets it wrong and adds an extra year to it too. I think in the beginning, he really just couldn't remember and now he thinks it's funny. I tell him it's really not.

    Congratulations on EQ7 and for actually waiting to your birthday to open it. I'm loving playing with mine. If you'd like me to share some of my project files, let me know. Also don't forget to download all the free fabric libraries from the Electric Quilt website!

  2. I have no idea how I missed this post a month ago!! HILARIOUS!!! Tony remembers my birthdate, and how old I am, only cause we were born in the same year and I turn that number first!! I was reading your post going 'she isn't 37 she's only 36'.. and then came to the part where you were 36 (I'm pretty good at remembering dates and ages and such so was thrown for a loop there) Funny how guy's remember what they WANT to remember.. I bet he knows the year of the 1st vehicle he drove?? Or the year he started with Firestone? :)


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