Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's acceptable for black white 4-patch swap due 10-31-10

I know there have been several people who asked - what do I mean by the sub catagory for ROUND 2 when we swap Scrappy 4-patch blocks agian in the fall... do I mean fabrics that are black and white?

no. I actually vision 4 patch blocks that are made up using white on white fabrics (WOW) and then the black part of the 4 patch, to use a BLACK fabric. I prefer them to have some small tonal designs on them...

So for the visual people who need examples take a look. The top row are fabrics that I'm looking for in the black/white 4 patch swap if you'd like to participate. Those paired up with any WOW fabrics to make your blocks.

Thanks for the questions - you guys keep me on my toes :) I hope the photo you can click on to see larger to see that there are some print designs on those blacks at the top...

Also I would very much like for the same matching blacks to be used within the same unit. So a total of 10 identical blocks like the one above would = 1 set. Limit 10 sets per swapper. Hope this helps.

NOTE: my above example was used with paint software - the WOW tonal fabric doesn't show up very well... please use a WOW. thanks.

Hey Kelly @ IHAN - Aren't you proud of me for not opening my EQ6 software that has been here for right at a month now... I'm being very patient for my birthday to roll around before I open it... only 6 more days :)

Love from Texas!


  1. thanks for posting Ms. Bonnie, appreciate all the work you have done to get us "visual" people on track lol.
    looking forward to more information as you post for this swap in the fall.

  2. Thank you, Bonnie! I do hope you see the package, soon!

  3. Bonnie,
    As usual I feel compelled to join in the black/WOW 4-patch swap.
    I went to the HGTV site and found the thread for July's swap but not for the BLK/WOW.
    Anyway....count me in. I have an extensive collection of these fabrics.

  4. I've never done a swap but this is definitely one I'd love to participate in! I just ordered a few black fabrics to make just these blocks for myself. Getting some variety would be awesome! Please point me in the right direction!


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