Monday, January 26, 2009

Blocks for Sunshine Group

I often make blocks and donate to the HGTV Quilters' Sunshine Group - who's members take turns collecting blocks and making quilts for charity. Here is the link to hostess block requests for 2009 and if you'd like to follow the discussion on the HGTV Message board and see other blocks members are making click here on the current thread for Sunshine project.

Lucky for me, they are a VERY casual group - make 2 blocks for the months you can and mail in to the hostess.. and when you can't don't stress about it - join in when you can... ;) (my kind of group)

The January Sunshine hostess, San, requested 12.5" blocks that remind people of Sunny Days, Sunshine, Happy Times, Favorite times or Events. They can be paper-pieced, applique', regular piecing, or personally designed blocks. I want these quilts to remind the receivers of happy times and bright, sunshiny days. Quilter's Choice.(San)

In the photo above, are the ones Elainetoo made and posted.. and I thought oooogh! How bright and cheerful I love 'em! Her pinwheels remind me of those my dad use to buy me at the 4th of July parade or festivals we went too...and I'd like to make these blocks too - Thanks Elainetoo for the inspiration!!!
After pulling fabrics and looking again -today I posted a question for Elainetoo - I wonder if she made her block with flying geese blocks 3x6??

I'm tyring to figure out the best way to put this block together.. I always like to use the Eleanor Burnes Rulers to make Flying Geese.. and can't quite figure out what I need to do different to get different back ground fabrics... any advice? that's why I'm considering just doing HST's instead..

Love from Texas!

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  1. I don't use a flying geese ruler....just cut a rectangle of my middle fabric....and the put squares of one or two other fabrics (right sides together) on two of the rectangle's corners....sew them diagonally...trim the excess...flip them up and iron them in place. It would be easy to get the 3 different colors in each "goose" that way. BUT...I don't know the dimensions to tell you to have the entire block turn out the exact size you need. Sorry I can't be more helpful with that part of it.


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