Friday, January 9, 2009

Redwork Progress Report

Early this morning I was suppose to meet at our local park at 8am to walk with two of my mom friends.. there is a really nice walking path around a wooded area and playground. Our plan is to take turns watching the kids while the other moms walk. For me, I usually just push the twins in the double stroller and get a double work out. :)

But today, it had been called off... however I called Heidi and she invited me to come to her home and we walked around her block several times (I lost count) while her two boys drove their bikes. Paul Thomas and Olivia loved watching the big boys :)
After we got home I put them down for naps.. then had to wake them up around 11 to leave and go pick go pick up Nora from preschool.

Today, I actually remembered to grab my red work BOM project!!! :D ....and look at the progress I made. I would have gotten more done, but I got hung up on the letter "i"

I tired 4 times to make a french knot with yucky results... so I decided to skip it and go on. The next time Heidi and I get together for a "Sit-n-stitch" night at her home, I'll have her demonstrate it to me again. I've made them before (as a kid) but obviously have forgotten how.

I think I'll pick up another hoop the next time I'm at Joann's so that I can have more than one block in progress - keep one in the car at all times and another hoop at home.. :) and speaking of next time I go... ((which will be MONDAY))
but now that I have a project to do while I wait for Nora, I may never be late again! Now I have motivation to show up a good 15 minutes early every day ;)

The new "Warm up to Winter" sales flyer for Joann's arrived in my mailbox this week - and there is a special insert in the middle that runs from the 11th thru the 17ht and on the back side of it, almost as if they hoped the reader would miss seeing it - they're adverting all of their Keepsakes at 50% OFF!

yeaaaa! I've been waiting for this sale - the past two years they have had their cottons at 50% off in January. I need some floral prints, browns, and animals for my CYOC string swap due in February. I may need to review my list of the swappers color choices just one more time before I go just to make sure.. ;)
Love from Texas!


  1. French knots can be tricky...
    Here's a good video on doing them and the good thing is she shows you several times

    Good luck

  2. Practice on a separate piece of fabric. Watching a video will definitely help. Have fun with the stitchey! I just finished a stitchery block too, lots of fun :^)

  3. Bonnie, I was going to post about Mary Corbet's embroidery site as well, I see Lisa already posted you the link. I had trouble doing french knots as well until I watched her video.

    Mary sometimes frequents the HGTV message boards, this is how I found her site.


  4. I see you have much fun in stitching the lovely part of Bea's Capricorn Quilts! I'm so happy today because I could finish the last block yesterday.
    Wish you still a lot of fun!


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