Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Time Again

Yep not only is it Happy New Year's - but time to work on the Happy Blocks for Nora's I-spy quilt again! :) I haven't posted about it but just before Christmas I cleared off the dining room table and worked on them. It was fun having her help me as she was out of school for the break.
I sorted them by color groups and did a count and it appears I have made a total of 83 blocks that will finish at 6". I'm getting close to being ready to start sewing them all together! :)

Anyone else out there doing Happy Blocks? I started these some last year to make into a quilt for Nora... I first saw the idea from a member of the HeartStrings Quilt Project. Isn't it a great way to frame I-Spy blocks?? Never mind the fact that I've been collecting since discovering the HGTV quilter's board in, uhamm, 2005...

I have nearly 84 completed.. this is gonna be big as in generous twin size.. here they are laid out in rows 7 x 12. and we still have more blocks that don't have boarders yet! Guess she will just have to pick and choose or maybe I'll save a row of them for the backing - yeah, that's what I'll do!

Nora got a digital kid camera and is ready to take photos of her quilt in progress

I've declared my new monto for this year as "Making the time in 2009" and since the HeartStrings Quilt Project group has adopted this block as their new project (Jan & Feb) then what better reason to get them back out and work on them?

well I'll give you a better reason -
Nora's Preschool will soon be learning about the letter "Q" this month and her show-n-tell day just so happens to fall in the same week!!! and I so want her to have a QUILT to take and would rather it not just be any quilt but this one! Her Happy Quilt - the one that she helped make!
So I better hurry up and get these sewn together and.... quilted!

I've never quilted on my machine before and am nervous - Any tips for me on what to do or what NOT to do...? I'm a beginner for machine quilting!?
I have never did this before but I need this top done before the 3rd full week of January... b/c that is when Nora's class will be on the letter "Q" and it is also her show and tell day on Wednesday of that week - and guess what she wants to take!??!?! :) :) :) I am thrilled! :)

of course watch me work my tail off to get this done and then that day will come and she'll want to take some silly little toy... nevertheless, I want to see if I can get it done.. and if not.. maybe plan B can be to take another quilt and this one in process.. to show how quilts are made?
Again - any tips would be greatly appreciated! one question off the top of my head - should I baste with thread or use safety pins???
Love from Texas!


  1. I love Nora's quilt, very colourful!

    As for the machine quilting? It takes practice. Make a small quilt to practice on first. Try stitch in the ditch and free-motion. Breathe and relax while doing it too.

  2. What a fun quilt for Nora to help with. I love all the great colors, I bet she is so excited for it to get finished.
    Here are some tips I remember from COF#1 with MQing. 1) its ok to go slow, you don't have to put "the pedal to the metal" 2) draw/sketch your design on paper for a few minutes before you begin quilting, it will help get your motions down.
    Hope that helps a little.

  3. Very cute! For machine quilting - I'd use safety pins. If you've never machine quilted before - I'd use your walking foot and do straight line quilting - you can do a diagonal type crosshatching by going through the blocks.

  4. Nice to involve Nora in the planning of the quilt. The suggestions the others have made are good ones. I'd not RUSH with this since it is a quilt that will have a lot of sentimental value and you don't want to be disappointed in the quilting if you do it too fast and don't like how it turns out. I'd say....let her take another smaller quilt and then when it's done, maybe you can take it to show her friends at school one day.

  5. Well i hope you're happy: I've cleaned my stove! lol not taking pictures but totally thought of you as I was doing dishes. There were so many pots and pans dirty I only had to take out 4 things in order to empty the drawer underneath the stove. ALL WASHED. Then took me 2 SOS scrubbers to do top. We had lobster and the big pot always makes a mess around the ring. Thank you. I think ;)

  6. I just found your blog through a link the the cake in a cup recipe. So now I'm sitting here munching on chocolate cake and looking around. I love your happy block I spy -- so cheerful. I agree with Mary about machine quilting. The walking foot and straight line is the easiest way to start. you could run a line down each seam horizontally and vertically. Definitely use safety pins, one in the middle of each block and maybe a couple in the colored parts too. Good luck.

  7. The happy blocks look wonderful. I'm just finishing up a HB quilt to donate locally and they are fun :)


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