Wednesday, January 28, 2009

for those who have asked about joining my MINI swap

There have been several blog visitors who have asked about my mini block swap - even a few mini swappers who joined us mid year after reading about it here... so I'll share some info here for you to read and decide if you'd like to join us in March... never too early to get started! I know it takes me 3 months to work on mine...


I hope the above link works for you –it will take you to the board where the swap is talked about and also guidelines and rules are posted – to give you an idea on how it works. ;) The thread is locked so you can't add to it but you can read everything you need to know. I'll be posting a new thread for the POTLUCK/makeup swap due to me by March 31.. a little later on... so stay tuned.

Also anyone visiting the HGTV board who isn't a member YET, you should know - where there are photos posted on my thread or other threads, it will show up as a red “don’t” sign like no smoking.. but if you join and log in, then the photos will show up for you.

We will be having a POTLUCK/makeup swap this year. Where any color goes.. those will be due to me at the end of March. Must be at my house BEFORE the last day of March please - so I'll have time to swap and return before I have to pack to leave on my April retreat.

I don’t know how long you have followed my blog – and I didn’t post a lot about it in the beginning… but to give you and idea of what we swapped, In 2008 we did blue and brown for Round 1, red and orange for Round 2, greens in Round 3, and purple and yellow for Round 4.

I do think there are some swappers planning to send in some black prints for the potluck as well as a mixture of everything else. I’d love to have you join us! ;) Just sign up at the HGTV board.. b/c that is the main way I contact all of my swappers and keep them informed.

Before my twins were born I did a monthly noodle swap… but knew that I couldn't spend that much time on swaps after the babies so for 2008 I did the minis each quarter of the year. We did evacuate twice back to back for hurricanes this year… so I know I will not be holding anything during those months this year (just in case)

After this POTLUCK/makeup mini swap I have no plans to host anything until after I return from my Circle of Friends Retreat at the end of April. Then after I return, I hope host a Quiltville block swap (on the HGTV board) and we'll be using men's shirts as the fabrics.

So as you can see there are swaps in the works.. and you are welcome to come join in on all the fun!

Oh, and soon (mid February) on the HGTV board, you’ll read me announcing our upcoming 4th Annual Fat Quarter Bingo Game!!! It is huge every year! That is how I go the name bingo-bonnie :o)

Last year there were over 2300 FQs in the jackpot! So I’m sure you will want to join in the fun… but the game is only for HGTV members… ;) so before you can play you need to get signed up!

Well gotta run. Click on the link, read over the guidelines…and let me know if you want to join us – also let me know what your HGTV board nickname will be. ;) so I can put you on my list.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love from Texas! bonnie

Love from Texas!


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